5s Football – Better Matters

Launched in September 2018, 5s Football is determined to provide its players with a better experience and portray their philosophy ‘Better Matters’.

What started as an idea amongst 3 friends who had been inspired by the poor organisation of other 5-a-side football leagues in Sussex, opened their gates to their first venue at Hove Park in Hove on September 30th. Jake, Louis and Charlie have played in and been involved in the football community for over 15 years each and have played in a number of different football leagues both 11-a-side and 5-a-side. Due to their frustration caused by things like high fees, a poor standard of referees, teams dropping out every week and just a general feeling that there is no care for the players, and instead a sense of monopolistic behaviour from the market leaders, the trio decided to take it upon themselves to create something better. The result – a football league with a cash prize of up to £1000 for the winning team and the opportunity for every team to watch their games back on YouTube the next day with all games recorded and uploaded to the site. Game fees are very reasonable, and they put a very strong focus on ensuring the league is organised and a great experience.


Meet the Team

Playing each member of the team to their strengths, Jake runs the Marketing and Operational side of the business with his current day job being a Marketing Manager for a successful local company. Louis takes on the role of Media Director with his already established business ‘Your Instant Replay’, which films and analyses football games across the UK, and Charlie takes on the role of Facility Director in his second business venture and is tasked with ensuring all venues run smoothly and that teams and players across all leagues are getting the best possible experience.

It’s just the beginning and 5s Football aim to open another league in early January and a further 4 by the end of 2019. If you want to get involved and enter a team, then select a league in the menu at the top of the site, punch in your details into our sign up form and someone will get back to you to let you know your start date.