Introducing 5s Football at Dorothy Stringer School

  • £100 up for grabs every season
  • All games recorded
  • Ball Boys and Quality equipment
  • 5-a-side
  • 30 minute games

Come and play football at the only small sided football league for Women in Brighton and Hove! Our Dorothy Stringer league provides an excellent 5 a side football pitch, perfect for all standards and abilities. Equipped with changing rooms, and free parking, you can just turn up and play!

Dorothy Stringer W, Tuesday – S3

1Unathletico Madrid211011474
2Ball Of Duty21105414
4The Estrellas FC100112-10
5SouthChick Grangers 2002210-80

Loder Rd, Brighton BN1 6PZ

Want to do a bit of research and figure your opponents out. Click here and see how they have done in previous seasons.