Introducing 5s Football at Dorothy Stringer School

  • £100 up for grabs every season
  • All games recorded
  • 30 minute games
  • 6-a-side
  • £30 per game per team

Dorothy Stringer school provides an excellent playing surface for those teams that look to play champagne football. Easily accessible and offering free parking, plus changing rooms, there’s nothing to worry about. Just turn up and play!

Dorothy Stringer 1 – S6

2Snakes Fc43012211119
3Hotbox United4013318-151
4Delph and Safety4013420-161
5Beeding Ballers00000000


Dorothy Stringer 2 – S6

1BHAB FC44002261612
2Stringer Along420212666
3NIP FC42021219-76
4Aberdeen Angus4004520-150

Dorothy Stringer 1 – Fixtures – S6



Dorothy Stringer 2 – Fixtures – S6


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