Introducing 5s Football at Hove Park

  • 34 minute games
  • £1000 up for grabs every season
  • 5-a-side
  • £30 per game per team
  • All games recorded

The place where it all started at the very popular location of Hove Park. The newly transformed and state of the art 3G pitch, funded by the Russel Martin academy, makes for the ideal ground for a competitive and exciting league.

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Hove Park 1 – S4

1Terry’s Fruits32012914156
2Moses FC3201251786
3Superdogs FC220013856
4Super Cats20021119-80
5Super Kittens2002828-200


Hove Park 2 – S4

1Kurdish FC3300235189
2Sondico Academy3201141046
3Floppy DFC320110736
4Crouch Potatoes310210913
5Chicken Tiki Taka3102926-173
6Bench Boys FC3003413-90

Hove Park 1 – Fixtures – S4



Hove Park 2 – Fixtures – S4



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Goldstone Cres, Hove BN3 6BG

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